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ESL Ready is a resource for those who want to teach ESL abroad. We aim to be a complete source for teachers who are seeking a new experience and challenge abroad. Our partner schools are a cut above the rest, ensured by a thorough background check. You can also find your own private ESL students when you join our site.

Our goals and you
As a resource for teachers, we aim to help you. We know what teachers need, because we are also teachers who have experienced the same challenges of living and teaching in new countries. The most frequent issues we have faced have been: finding new materials that can help our students learn, finding our own students without having to go through an agency, avoiding schools with high churn and dishonest practices and adjusting to a new city or country.
Many teachers start teaching abroad with no idea what to expect. This is not necessarily a negative. After all, most of us were carried abroad by some romantic notion of what “foreign” really meant. Whether it is starting a new life, finding a new home or just setting out on a journey of self-discovery, teachers will all have their own motivations for going abroad. Even so, we want to help qualified teachers find better positions where they are available.

Lesson plans
As one of the key ideologies of our generation is the free spread of ideas, we don’t feel right with lesson plans being a paid for commodity. There are no points systems or pay as you go plans. Just upload and download teacher created lesson plans freely. The one caveat is that teachers who upload popular lesson plans will be receive additional help when applying for jobs or seeking private ESL students. After all, teachers who put in the effort to design quality lesson plans and activities deserve to be recognized for their hard work.

All schools that are in our system are thoroughly vetted before being allowed to sign up. As we have an exclusive jobs board, you can expect to see schools with higher retention rates (meaning happier teachers), better locations, and higher wages. International schools which are typically only accessible through word of mouth placement also use our services (although many will use the resume blast feature rather than the jobs board to find qualified candidates).
For some of the more exclusive jobs, it is recommended that you have your degree and teaching certifications verified. This does cost money, but only as much as we have to pay (this is a manual process). It is the only service we charge teachers for.

Private ESL students
This board is completely free for teachers and students. Simply fill out your profile and let the students search for you, or begin searching for students through the search function. There is no limitation to sending messages except that all communications adhere to standards of decency. If there is any harassment via the messages then the offending user may be removed.
We are working on a way to allow teachers to upload video demos of their lessons. This will give teachers a leg up when applying for jobs or seeking private ESL students.

The future
Just let us know if there are other features that you want to see from us! We strive to keep improving our offerings to teachers, and we can only do that with your input. If you have any questions or ideas, please send a message to admin@eslready.com! Let us be your first resource when you are preparing to teach ESL abroad.