Terms of Use

  1. Accepting Terms of Use:

    By using any features of eslready.com you are acknowledging that you have read the terms of use in their entirety. These are intended to assist you and explain the use of the site as a free or paid user of the forums, jobs board, resume blast, watch list, and/or lesson plan board. There may be additional terms of use for features not specified in this form

  2. Modification of Terms of Use:

    ESL Ready LLC reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time. If this agreement is modified registered users will be notified via the email provided upon registration, and the new version of the terms of use will be made available on this page.

  3. Services availability and usage restrictions

    Membership types and Eligibility of use:

    All users must be at least 13 years old in order to use this site pursuant to COPPA. Unauthorized users will be blocked and will be banned from future use of the site.
    This website may be browsed freely without registering. Any user may freely read any post in the forum and in the Blacklisted schools section. Users wishing to post any comments or advisories, up-vote or down-vote comments, or to submit a resume to schools via the Resume Blast must register with their full name, email, and username. Only the usernames will be readily available to the public.

    Premium membership is only available to schools and agents. This membership DOES NOT allow schools to alter or remove advisories that have been posted by teachers. Schools have access to additional premium services including but not limited to posting of jobs listings and receiving resumes via the targeted Resume Blast.

    Posting Advisories:

    Advisories posted by a registered user are the sole property of the user that posted the advisory, maintaining all rights and responsibilities not mentioned in this agreement. Any user found to make fraudulent claims against another will have their postings removed and their account banned. If it is a school or agent that is banned due to this there will be no refund of account premiums.

    While users maintain rights to their own posts and content, by posting on our website (www.eslready.com) the user agrees to allow us to make public their school advisories. By posting an advisory, the user certifies that they are posting the only the truth to the best of their ability.

    Resume Blast:

    Only Registered users may use the Resume Blast. Only resumes may be sent through the blast. Schools participating in the resume blast may choose up to 2 cities to receive resumes for. All teachers uploading resumes via the Resume Blast are accepting that their resume will be sent to all registered-participating schools within the targeted area and may be viewable by hundreds of schools and agents.

    Jobs Board:

    Schools may post job listings 2 times within a 30 day rolling window. The schools may edit those postings at any time. Jobs postings do not constitute an offer, but are considered invitations to apply.

    Lesson Plan Board:

    This board is available for use by all users. Non registered users may search but may not download or upload lesson plans, while all registered users may upload and download an unlimited amount of lesson plans. This may be throttled in times of extreme usage to prevent site downtime. In the future, If a user has uploaded more than 10 highly rated lesson plans there will be a notation in any resume blast sent by that teacher regarding their contribution status. Users may only upload lesson plans that are either their own materials, or are public domain works. If public domain works are uploaded, the uploader needs to ensure that the original author is credited for the work. In all other cases, the lesson plans remain the intellectual property of the teacher who uploaded the lesson plan and is used under Creative Commons licensing. No teachers may resell lessons downloaded from this site for profit unless they are the original creator. ESL Ready LLC does not make any profit from the use of the lesson plan feature.

    Limitations of use:

    Registered users will be restricted from using bots or modifying site code in any way to. If users are found to be using bots or modifying site code their accounts will be terminated. If a school’s account is terminated, it may appeal the decision, but will receive no refund of the premium unless they can conclusively prove that no 3rd party extraction software was used.

    Removal of postings:

    Advisories found to be false in nature (by court actions or overwhelming evidence) will be removed. Any posting or comment found to contain hate speech may be removed. Postings found to violate defamation/slander/libel laws within the country that they were posted will remain the sole responsibility of the user that posted them, however postings remain the intellectual property of the user who posted the advisory.Postings found to be created for the purpose of extortion will be removed. Posts made by competing businesses will be removed. Postings containing incomplete or insufficient address information may be removed if that information is needed to distinguish between schools. Posts regarding normal primary and secondary schools may not refer to public or publicly managed schools. Postings will not be removed unless they are found to be in violation of these conditions.

    If a school contacts ESL Ready LLC regarding the removal of a posting we will first contact the teacher to whom the post belongs. If the teacher replies that they are unwilling to remove the post, and it does not contain the above reasons for removal, the advisory will stay, and the school will be encouraged to work directly with the teacher to resolve the issue. In the case of an incomplete address, the teacher will have 1 week from being contacted to complete the address to make the necessary changes, or the posting will be removed.

  4. Privacy policy:

    User information will not be given to private individuals or organizations unless compelled through legal action, or with the explicit consent of all parties involved.

  5. Risks of Use:

    In using this website and its services, all users accept that the content of their postings are their own. ESL Ready LLC will not be held liable for any public or private defamation. Users in jurisdictions with strong defamation statutes are recommended to wait until they are outside of that legal jurisdiction. For example, if a user posts any negative advisory within South Korea regarding another individual or company (even if it is verifiably true) they may be liable under the law of the land. This does not constitute legal advice and is solely posted to inform users of the potential consequences of posting information. Consider all legal ramifications before posting a school to the watch list.

  6. Information collection:

    No browsing information will be collected aside from usage statistics from users on eslready.com. Verification data will be stored on User's profiles, but will only be visible to schools that the user has sent their application to. If you choose to be remembered when logging in, a cookie will be installed in browser to verify your identity for future sessions.

  7. Additional/conditional agreements:

    There are additional Terms of service agreements for all premium memberships and services. In using the premium services of this site, those terms and conditions apply as well.