Help and emergency services

This page is meant to aid in preventing and dealing with emergencies that may arise while teaching abroad. This is not a comprehensive list of contact numbers and resources, but we will be expanding this page when new resources come to light.

Disputes and non-exigent emergencies
For employment related disputes, emergencies requiring medical, fire or police assistance, your embassy will probably be unable to help you. This said, your embassy will likely be able to provide a list of recommended attorneys, protection in the case of imminent threat, and financial assistance in the case of certain emergencies. Additionally, we recommend registering with your nearest consulate upon arrival in your host country.

A comprehensive list of embassies and consulates can be found at:

Allergies It may be difficult to obtain epi-pens while abroad, so the best solution is to prevent accidentally eating allergens. This is no simple task when traveling abroad and trying to order foods in a foreign language. This site: has cards that you can carry with you and work in any language. Showing these cards can be an easy way to get the point across. You may have to play a bit of charades, but it is definitely better than an ER trip.

In case of imminent threat, there is a comprehensive list of emergency numbers at:
The more common countries are listed here.
Police/ fire/ medical
China: 110/ 119/ 120
Japan: 110/ 119/ 119
South Korea: 112/ 119/ 119
Taiwan: 110/ 119/ 119
Thailand: 191/ 199/ 1669
UAE: 999/ 997/ 998
Vietnam: 113/ 114/ 115

Be prepared
You may also want to prepare a "bug out" bag if you are living in a region with earthquakes, hurricanes, or if the region is prone to fire/flooding. It is best to make this bag easy to carry. You will want to pack water, a change of clothes, a travel towel, Non-perishable food such as a protein bar or calorie mate (the more energy dense the better). There should also be enough cash for basic needs. It may be a good idea to prepare a similar kit for politically unstable regions.