Useful resources

This will be an ever expanding list of useful sites for teachers looking to make careers in TEFL, or for those teachers who need advice on planning for their interview demo. This list will be frequently updated with the newest links appearing at the top. Please send an email to if there is content that you feel should be featured on this page.

Transitioning from ALT work to University work in Japan:
This blog entry has the personal experience and advice of someone who managed to make the switch from ESL to teaching as a tenured professor at a university in Japan. Even if you just want to continue teaching in Japan, most of the advice can help you immensely improve your situation and open new doors.

A community based approach to teaching
Reddit is a community based content posting site for everyone. The TEFL community has several thousand teachers sharing advice and information. If you have an urgent question about the country that you want to go to, or about teaching in general, this is the place for you. Most of the people in this community have experienced what you hope to do, and are generally willing to help. A quick word of warning though: do not ask for advice on how to teach without a degree. They are a community of professionals, and are not about to help others break the law when joining their ranks.